Making a Film Company

Making a Film Company is a YouTube and Facebook series about how it is to start and run a film production company with friends. And all the lovely, funny, quirky, sad and dramatic moments that come with a startup like this. This is how we started VJUS.

Episode 1 – The Next Step as a Filmmaker

In this episode, we explain how we went from working alone as freelance filmmakers, to gathering friends to work with. We will also talk about finding the name and who is in charge of the company.

Episode 2 – Our First Paid Project

In this episode of Making a Film Company, we produce our first paid film project! We show our thoughts on the budgeting and how we can be efficient as a group when producing a video commercial.

Episode 3 – Buying Our First Camera

In episode 3 of Making a Film Company, we buy our first camera for our company. We also travel to Europe’s biggest camera exhibition IBC to do some team building.

Episode 4 – How we got our next job

How can you promote your film production company and get more jobs? In this episode of Making a Film Company we create a showreel, homepage, business cards and attend a film party to hopefully get more clients.

Episode 5 – Getting our first office!

Moving in to an office was a huge step for us as a film production company. In this episode we show how we divided the space, how we got affordable furniture and how we could get more income using the office space.

Episode 6 – Building an affordable film studio

How can we make a great film studio without emptying our pockets? In this episode of Making a Film Company we make an affordable film studio for our office and arrange a move-in party to hopefully get new clients.

Episode 7 – Finally a Girl At The Office!

We decided to rent a big office for our film production company. But we had to do some adjustments to be able to pay the rent. In this episode of Making a Film Company we gather people to rent with us and promote our film studio!

Episode 8 – The Varied Life of a Filmmaker

Filmmakers often end up doing quite a lot of unpredictable and exciting projects during their life. Here is a glimpse of the varied life we have as a film production company, in Norway.

Episode 9 – When Things Go Wrong

Hate comments, stolen clips and copyright claims. Things aren’t always a bed of roses when running a film production company. Luckily there are ways to overcome this.

Episode 10 – How We Make Money

After years of film making and running a film production company, we have realized what is the most important aspect of getting new jobs and more income. See it in this episode!

Episode 11 – Two Years of Running a Film Company (FINAL EPISODE)

Since we started our film production company two years ago, we have gone from having zero employees and no office, to getting a big office in the centre of our capital in Norway, employing four people and heavily upgrading our equipment and studio. See where we are now in this last episode of Making a Film Company.



Torggata 17B

0183 Oslo

+47 415 09977

Film production in the heart of Oslo, Norway

We are located in Oslo centrum in Norway. At our office we have photo studio and film studio in addition to all types of camera gear. We do rent out both the studio and the equipment. Check out our Studio page for more info.