Time-lapse and Dronelapse

Magical moments are created when you are patient enough to wait for them. From magnificent nature landscapes in Scandinavia, Asia and South-America to urban Hong Kong and Oslo – our timelapse-photographer is a world leader in his field.

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Both Time-lapse (ground level) and Dronelapse (in the air) work for various projects – time-lapse for construction projects, or to showcase the most high-res TV-screen, beatiful landscapes or urban areas. Have a look at our showcase to see how powerful time-lapse can be.

Meet our photographers

Time-lapse photographer

Morten is one of the leading timelapse-photographers in the world. He has made several films that have garnered great success both nationally and internationally. Morten has worked with National Geographic, Samsung, Panasonic, Intel and many more.

15 million views on his timelapse films

2 Staff Picks on Vimeo.com

 100.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel

Drone pilot and photographer

Dmitry’s experience with composition and movement makes sure every drone footage is unique. Dmitry lifts film and photo to new heights.

 RO3 license

 Can operate a FPV drone

So, are you looking for a time-lapse or dronelapse?

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Våre filmskapere dekker hele produksjonen fra pre-produksjon til opptak, etterarbeid og ferdigstilling.

Vi leverer alt fra reklamefilm og informasjonsfilm til kortfilmer og musikkvideoer, for web,

Med lang erfaring i filmbransjen og sertifikat som RO3 for droneflyving er vi et produksjonsselskap du kan stole på.