Film studio and photo studio in the heart of Oslo

With wide backdrops (3.5 meters), noise reduction plates for great sound recording, and a broad variety of studio lamps, our studio is perfect for both photo and film shooting.

5 benefits you get with our studio

Great Sound

Noise reducing plates result in less reverb and better sound quality. 


You can use the room in various ways, which gives you the possibility to shoot different scenes and scenarios. Take a look down below for examples shot in our studio. 

Showroom included

Right next to our studio is our showroom. For an additional fee, you can use our 65″ TV as a monitor, always having control over what happens in the studio.


Torggata 17B is in the
Oslo centre. Outside is a pedestrian street, which results in very little noise from cars.

Great lamps are included

Seven great lamps are waiting for you in the studio. Further down below on this site you can see which ones. 

Studio equipment and expertise

We will always be available when you rent the studio. And should you need someone to help you operate the camera, set up lighting equipment or something else, we also offer assistance from us for an additional fee. Look further down the page for an overview of what film equipment you can expect to see in our studio.



Information & Pricing

– 21 square meters
– 7 professional studio lamps are ready for use

– 3,5 meters wide backdrops 
– Backdrops color options: white, grey, greenscreen and bright-texture
– A 12 metres black molton can be folded out in the studio for black background

– Noise reducing plates on the walls
– Make-up corner
– Access to various gels and diffusion paper

– Free access to kitchen and toilet
– Access to showroom/ meeting room (additional fee of NOK 1000)

The price for renting the studio is NOK 4000 + VAT every day (08:00 – 16:00).  7 studio lamps are included in the price. Take a look at our selection of lamps further down this page.

In addition, we offer rental of several extra lamps, cameras, motorized slider, dolly, sound equipment and much more. 

Get in touch with us if you are looking to customize your studio or if you have any questions!

Perfect for product photos and portraits.

Perfect for masking out persons and other items.
We also offer motorized sliders for advanced effetcs (additional fee).

Take a look at what´s going on in the studio on our 65″ TV in the Showrom/Meeting Room. This is perfect for courses or for monitoring with your clients.

With a mirror and soft white light, you can be sure that the make-up and hair will be on-point. This spot is located inside the studio.

Want to see more? Check out the videos below.

Photos and videos shot in the studio

It was so nice having everything rigged in the studio. We could control everything such as the greenscreen, lighting and music, which of course made the mood even better!

The staff were very nice and made me feel welcome. They took on a great deal of responsibility, which I was grateful for.

I will definitely return to the studio! 

Andrea Santiago


I was greeted by some great people and they were extremely helpful. They had everything I needed regarding equipment, (even equipment I didn´t know I needed!) and they helped me rig the lights and backdrop.

I also got the possibility to rent additional camera gear and a monitor, which helped me get the results I wanted. 

I could ask them for their help whenever I needed. Two thumbs up!

Terje Valen Høihjelle


To rent the studio at VJUS was a great experience.

They have made a simple and convenient studio room in the heart of Oslo. The staff is both helpful, professional and welcoming.

Martin Bremnes


Studio Lamps

These lamps are included in the studio rental (w/stands, gels and diffusion paper):


Bright LED lamp
3200 Kelvin (w/CTO)
CRI >96


Bright LED lamp
3200 Kelvin (w/CTO)
CRI >96


2 x 7500 Kelvin (mini20D)
1 x 3200-6500 Kelvin (mini20C)
40’000 lux at 0,5m (mini20D)
16’000 lux at 0,5m (mini20C)
CRI >96
TLCI >97
CQS >95


5500 Kelvin
4’000lux at 0,5m
CRI >98
TLCI >95
CQS >95



5500 Kelvin
4’000 lux at 0,5m
CRI >98
TLCI >95
CQS >95


Do you have a question or do you want to book the studio? Contact us!

Kim or Anders in VJUS AS will come back to you 

Studio Rental Inquiry

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Torggata 17B

0183 Oslo

+47 415 09977

A flexible rental studio

We cover both large and small film and photo production. Our great selection of studio lamps gives you the tools to be really creative with your projects.

The benefit of using film lamps for photography

We offer film lamps that are capable for photography. The benefit of using these kind of lamps instead of flashes is that you, as the photographer, will get a better impression of the final result.

In addition, you won´t need extra equipment for your camera to activate the flashes. Whether you use a mobile phone or professional equipment, you will get the results you want in our studio.