Film and video production with focus on the good views

In a world full of film and visual impressions, it is extra important to think outside the box. You need views that make a difference.
Let’s call it vjus.

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We add a fresh, creative and natural spin to your idea

And that is how we create videos which stands out on the web. Here are three selections of our work. See more here.

entur corporate film

ENTUR [2018]

Corporate film

architecture showreel film



directorate for cultural heritage information video


Informational video

The film was produced surprisingly quickly and efficiently. They managed to present Entur’s complicated social role in a creative and simple way. They are customer oriented and understand that it is always urgent.

Guri Størvold // Zynk

VJUS is a hidden jewel among the Norwegian film companies. With their enthusiasm and understanding of the task, the process is pain-free and it results in an excellent delivery. They master the dynamics needed to effectively target the audience in everything from complex commercials to short film clips on social media.

Knut Bjørgen // Hill+Knowlton Strategies

VJUS is absolutely awesome to work with. Competent people with complementary skills that enable them to deliver everything related to moving images. They always strive to deliver beyond expectation. Highly recommended!

Håvard Haga // RED Storyline

What does our production company do?

VJUS produce films and videos for web, with focus on nature, humans and technology.
The film projects can vary from big commercials to festival films and educational videos.


During pre-production, we work with ideas and texts in a way that makes you inspired. We think it’s very important to know both you and your topic well that the creative process won’t have an obstacle. We focus on new and fresh ideas, with clarity and strong communication during the process.


Thanks to having every resource of a film production in-house (the people and the equipment), we rarely need to hire external help. This results in a time- and cost-effective production. In addition, we have access to a film studio 24/7, making sure that we can execute the project the best way possible.


Our studio and office are designed to make the best workflow possible for creative projects. With several workstations and a sound studio, we are able to keep the valuable core idea (the intuitive and natural) alive all the way from concept to finished product.

We are VJUS

VJUS is a film production company started by freelancers with background from different creative parts of filmmaking. In our team everyone from the drone operator to the music composer can be part of the project from day one and see the production from all angle

Morten Rustad

Morten Rustad

CEO and Time-lapse

Morten is Norway’s leading time-lapse photographer, and has on several occations made films with great success both in Norway and internationally. He is passionate about capturing the magical moments, and will gladly sacrifice a night’s sleep for the best images.

Here is one of several films where Morten is using time-lapse as a way of communicating: “Seasons of Norway.

Anders Øvergaard

Anders Øvergaard

Creative Producer

Anders has worked with directing, photo and editing since he first started his own company at the age of 16. With the Norwegian Academy Award for his debut feature Coming Home, a short film made out of silhouettes which captured the attention of Hollywood director Harald Zwart, a popular virtual rowboat simulator and 240,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, Anders shows that creativity can make all kind of projects stand out.

Marius Ytterdal

Marius Ytterdal

Sound designer

Marius has over 10 years of experience of sound design, mix, script and text work for film, television and radio. He makes sure that every project has a solid soundscape. His experience gives efficiency, which again assures our core value; creativity

Nicolai Stigar

Nicolai Stigar


Nicolai is a graduate animator with background as a cartoonist and short film creator. Recent animated films include “Give and Break” (2015) and “The Paylabbs” (2016). The past years Nicolai has worked freelance within animation, graphic design and editing.

Dmitry Tkachenko

Drone pilot and Stills

To fly a drone is in itself not a problem, but to know how composition and movement create the unique images demands an experienced drone photographer. Dmitry assures film and photo are taken to the next level. Dmitry has RO3 certificate.

Harald T. Rosenstrøm

Director and Casting

Harald is probably Norway’s youngest school principal, has won the Golden Mask for best theatre show in 2011 and has performed on several of the big stages in Moscow, Paris and Berlin, in addition to starring in 20 movies. As a director, Harald assures solid and exciting acting.

Thomas Leypoldt


Thomas has composed music for everything from features and documentaries to commercials and YouTube videos. His motto is to offer music which creates recognizability and a bridge between what is being communicated and the listener.

Jørn Ranum

Director and Cinematographer

Jørn works creatively and often with nature as the backdrop. He sacrifices a lot to get the very special stories. The documentary North of the Sun has received 25 awards and been shown at over 80 film festivals all over the world. Northbound has over 700,000 views and has also taken its round at the festivals.


Some of Norway’s most talented and profiled filmmakers have joined forces to create VJUS.

Our new and popular YouTube series

VJUS has produced the new documentary series “Making a Film Company” which has over 350 000 views on YouTube. This series is about how we established the creative film production company VJUS. The comments on YouTube speak for themselves:



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Film and video production with focus on the good views

In a world full of film and visual impressions, it is extra important to think outside the box. You need views that make a difference.
Let’s call it vjus.