Animation & VFX

Animation is the perfect tool to tell all kinds of concepts and a highly effective way to keep our eyes glued to the screen. 

What we can do for you

Do you have a crazy concept that perhaps is best conveyed with animation? Or are you retracting a good idea because you think it is too hard to accomplish?  No idea is too crazy for VJUS!We have got what you need, whether you want to tell a story or showcase physical products. 

VJUS offers animation, visual effect, 3D modeling and much more. Have a look at our showreel to see what our team is able to do.

We do things like:

  • Greenscreen 
  • Animation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D- and 3D Tracking
  • Digital Compositing




Meet the team

Nicolai C. Stigar

Nicolai is an experienced animator with a degree in Animation from Volda and Brisbane, Australia. He is also a cartoon artist and short film maker. Nicolai has worked with everything from hand-drawn animation movies to 3D modeling in VR. 


 After Effects, Maya, 3ds Max, Toon Boom

 Character Animation

 3D Modeling

Anders Øvergaard

Anders is an experienced After Effects user and he is always concious on how animation and VFX should be used to tell stories that leave a lasting impression on us. 


 After Effects 


Morten Rustad

Morten has solid experience with both VFX and 3D modeling in Blender.  It comes as no surprise that a good technical end result is important. Morten makes sure no detail dissappears. 


 Blender, After Effects

Mathias Lien

Mathias has a degree in directing from Westerdals. With a good eye for visual storytelling and VFX, Mathias is a versatile filmmaker adept at translating stories.


 After Effects

So, do you need animation or VFX in your project?

VJUS office



Torggata 17B

0183 Oslo

+47 415 09977

Et fullverdig produksjonsselskap

Våre filmskapere dekker hele produksjonen fra pre-produksjon til opptak, etterarbeid og ferdigstilling.

Vi leverer alt fra reklamefilm og informasjonsfilm til kortfilmer og musikkvideoer, for web,

Med lang erfaring i filmbransjen og sertifikat som RO3 for droneflyving er vi et produksjonsselskap du kan stole på.